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The NQT diaries - Instalment one

September 4, 2014

Adam graduated from Shotton Hall SCITT in 2014 - and is blogging about his newly qualified teacher (NQT) year...


Dramas this week: 4

Delights this week: 10

Parents rang: 3

Detentions given: 0


Walking into school on Monday morning at 7am with three bags dangling from my forearm, car keys hanging off my index finger and a laminator wedged between my armpit set the scene for the craziest week yet in my teaching career. I managed to get into my classroom and got it exactly how I wanted over the summer: with my own desk; kids’ desks exactly how I want them and flags covering every available white patch on my walls.


I walked in and sat at my desk, logging onto SIMS and then it struck me that the numbers and letters strewn across the top of screen weren’t anyone else’s responsibility but my own.


Training started early: a briefing from the head teacher; followed by a year team meeting (thankfully I was placed with this group on teaching practice); a departmental meeting; an NQT meeting (in which I was asked to help deliver CPD) and finally, child protection. I finally got home at 7pm, dead on my feet and in a state of complete chaos inside my head and a bad headache. It was time for a run.


Tuesday saw a day full of planning and my first encounter of my own tutor group, which carry my initials on their timetable. A scary thought. Welcomed them and gave them the ‘GCSE year is the most important you’ll ever have’ talk – before sending them on their way. It finally dawned on me that I was an actual teacher.


Training was tough, but NQT first week has been even tougher - in a more satisfying way. I’m teaching every year group from 7-13, which is fantastic, and I am also the first point of call for a group of GCSE students who find themselves in my tutor. And does it feel different compared to training? Most definitely. I now feel like a central part of the department, rather than a trainee who is still learning. My school, in its entirety, has been so welcoming and I know that help is just around the corner should I need it. All in all, this week has been exhausting but so satisfying. 


Adam, Shotton Hall SCITT graduate and NQT

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