Shotton Hall teacher training courses

Our SCITT and School Direct courses are the same, there is no difference between the training structure or funding. If you find that one of our School Direct or SCITT routes are full, please apply for the other. 

Primary teacher training courses

Primary 4-11 with early years and KS3 enhancements

Our programme enables trainees to qualify as primary teachers in the 4-11 age range. All primary trainees will undertake placements offering them a full range of experience teaching across the 4-11 age range to provide them with opportunities to gain QTS.


Primary with maths

To be eligible for our primary with maths course, you must have a A level at grade B or above in maths.

Secondary teacher training courses

(11-16 with KS2 enhancement and post-16 enhancement):


*To attain qualified teacher status, trainees will be assessed against the Teachers’ Standards in the age phases of their course. They must teach and demonstrate that they achieve the Teachers’ Standards in the specific and consecutive age ranges.

Biology Teacher Training

As a biology teacher, your interest in the natural world...

Chemistry Teacher Training

As teaching chemistry requires great talent, the rewards are equally as...

Computer Science Teacher Training

With more children in schools learning about programming...

Design & Technology Teacher Training

Design and technology is a multifaceted, dynamic subject that...

Drama Teacher Training

Arts subjects are hugely important to the development...

English Teacher Training

The job satisfaction of teaching English is hard to beat...

Geography Teacher Training

Geography isn't just an important subject that teaches...

History Teacher Training

Understanding the links between past and present is...

Maths Teacher  Training

Maths is a key component in day-to-day life and...


Teacher Training

The government is committed to increasing the...


Teacher Training

Teaching children to appreciate and understand music...

Physics Teacher Training

If you want to inspire the next generation to be as...

Primary & Early Years Teacher Training

At primary level you'll get to teach a diverse curriculum...

Religious Education Teacher Training

Religious education is a fundamental subject in the...

Teacher Training Entry Requirements

Do you meet the requirements needed to train to train?

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