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"As a native speaker, teaching German, in particular, challenges me as it makes me think about where and why we apply certain grammar rules. I then have to find creative ways of breaking it down into understandable bite-size content that is fun to learn. Seeing the smile on a pupil's face when they got it and noticing progress in those students who challenge you the most, is the best part of the job. It makes you go home after a busy week knowing that you made a change."

The government is committed to increasing the proportion of pupils gaining language qualifications, to do this there is a need for more languages teachers. Teaching modern foreign languages is important in creating a generation of independent thinkers. Speaking a different language not only enriches children's cultural knowledge, but it opens up access to additional job markets. Ultimately, being able to speak and understand a foreign language enables you to value other people and enjoy access to their media such as news, film and literature. 


As a languages teacher, you could get a tax-free bursary of up to £26,000 or apply for a £28,000 scholarship from the British Council. Find out more about this exciting career using the links below.

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